Out of Recession, Companies Turn to Training

Social platforms, mobile learning, and gamification are keys to engaging and retaining talent.   By Katie Kuehner-Hebert   As companies come out of the recession, many are ramping up their learning programs in an effort to engage and retain key talent—and in ways that also boost their productivity, experts say.   Employers and providers recently […]

Out of the Ashes

Where HR services have been—and where they’re headed.     By Debbie Bolla      Looking back 10 years, strategy, expertise, and innovation weren’t major parts of HRO contracts—or even the mindsets behind them. Cost savings was top of mind, and HR executives looking to get in the game wanted a third-party provider to take […]

Standing Out From the Crowd

Five thought leaders from the HRO Today Forum  share HR insight and wisdom.   In The Wisdom of Crowds, author James Surowiecki relates a story about the famously snobby 19th Century anthropologist Francis Galton. A pioneer of surveys and statistics, Galton delighted in producing research that was designed to show the stupidity of the hoi polloi (no […]

Enriched by Recession

  For the most part, the financial downturn has simply increased RPO’s value proposition.   By Debbie Bolla     The buzzword for RPO in 2010? Scalability. Just ask Kris Phillips, talent acquisition placement manager for manufacturing at Chrysler. “We obviously went through bankruptcy last year, so we found ourselves in a position when the […]

Recession Survival Kit for Weary Buyers

Innovation, learning, and patience lead the way for companies to survive and even prosper in these lean economic times. by Elliot Clark In the January/February issue of this column, I predicted the recession (no mean feat, we were already entering it) and its effects on the HRO market. I predicted a period of paralysis followed […]

Here Comes Gen Z

Showcasing purpose, growth, and flexibility is key to crafting an EVP that attracts younger workers.

By Marta Chmielowicz

For a long time, “millennial” has been the buzzword of the business world. HR professionals have been thinking of little else but benefits to attract them, programs to develop them, and strategies to manage and retain them. But with Generation Z about to enter the workforce, all of that will change.

Recognition On The Rise

By Melissa Vandyke For many years prior to the great recession, astute HR leaders knew the positive impact that employee rewards and recognition could have on their ability to improve employee engagement, retention, and cultural alignment. Although their efforts often took a backseat to other initiatives during the economic downturn, recent research now shows three-fourths […]

HR Across the Spectrum: Predictions for 2016

Our experts anticipate big changes from tech to talent By Russ Banham 2015 marked the return of talent and put human resources executives front and center as their companies’ chief growth catalysts across diverse industry verticals. During the Great Recession, employees were a cost center to be swept partly away in the effort to “tidy the house.” This is […]

High-Profile Departures Shine a Light on an Age-Old Problem

Coping with attrition in the world’s fastest-growing economy By Michael Switow With the eurozone sputtering and China’s era of double digit growth a distant memory, the main bright spot in the global economy has been the United States, which experienced 3.7 per cent growth in the second quarter. But that’s not considered sufficient by most […]

Predictive Planning

With today’s limited talent pool, organizations need to leverage strategic workforce planning to stay ahead. RPO can help. By Russ Banham The winds of economic opportunity are blowing, whipping up growth prospects in diverse industries. During this period of breakneck business opportunities, HR is increasingly turning to their RPO partners for more strategic assistance. Providers […]