An Open Book on RPO

 Representative of the new breed of RPO buyers, Open Text is rewriting the book on strategic recruitment around the globe.   By Andy Teng   When it comes to sharing the secrets to a successful RPO engagement, Tony Preston is an open book. That’s because the senior vice president of HR at Open Text, a […]

RPO Steps Up

Savvy talent management strategies will be a key differentiator in 2015. By Russ Banham The competitive talent landscape has put RPO on the front burner of HR, with several trends heating up as the New Year approaches. No organization wants to be caught with skill sets that are inferior to the competition or risk highly […]


How to overcome the pain points of healthcare hiring.   By Katie Calhoun   The healthcare sector has emerged as a bright spot on the national employment scene: The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the industry adding an average of 17,000 new jobs to the economy each month in 2013. But as healthcare professionals […]

Slow Road Ahead for RPO

 With hiring volumes down, buyers are seeking improved processes, and providers are generating new ways to deliver.   By Debbie Bolla   In a downward economy, hiring is top of mind only for a select few: the unemployed, executive-level HR leaders, and recruitment providers. With an unemployment rate hovering near 10 percent according to U.S. […]

The RPO Baker’s Dozen

The top 13 providers of end-to-end RPO. By HRO Today Staff     Yes, this is our third RPO Baker’s Dozen ranking based on a customer feedback survey. As always, it is critical that we offer an explanation of each survey, the results, and how they were derived. Our web survey instrument comprised 40 qualitative […]

Viewing Corporate Compassion Through a Photographer’s Lens

In capturing portraits of the homeless, ACS’ Blodgett demonstrates that not all CEOs’ interests end with a dollar sign. by Andy Teng If former Home Depot CEO Robert Nardelli’s $210 million severance package last year made you see red, if the fact that Ken Lay had personally benefited while thousands of Enron employees lost their […]

Where’s the “R” in RPO?

With Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) being all the rage, why are so many providers and their clients operating with traditional, reactive recruiting processes? Why have so few providers embraced the development and deployment of robust active and passive candidate sourcing and candidate relationship management solutions? What are Recruiting and RPO 1.0, 2.0, and beyond? by […]

A Personal Touch

A robust recognition program can help deliver a rewarding employee experience that drives culture forward while improving engagement.

By Marta Chmielowicz

Today’s consumers not only value personalization, they expect it. In today’s tech-driven, hyper-stimulating world, people crave high-touch experiences that reinforce their sense of identity and acknowledge them as individuals. And yet, while personalization has been a cornerstone of the marketing world for years, organizations are only just beginning to apply those same principles to improving the employee experience (EX).

Mitigating Harassment

These strategies can prevent claims and promote a safe, inclusive workplace.

By Michele McDermott

Over the past three years, Google, Ford Motor Company, 21st Century Fox, Bank of America, and the New York Knicks are among an exhausted list of companies that have experienced employment practice liability (EPL) lawsuits due to sexual harassment claims. Companies of all sizes can experience harassment or employment practice-related claims. Employees at every level, as well as vendors and customers, can perpetrate a claim.

New Hire Momentum

A strategic onboarding process can help engage employees during their first weeks on the job.

By Stacey Kervin

The U.S. unemployment rate has been hovering around four percent for more than a year now. While this is great news for the economy and for the American workforce, it has created a unique challenge for HR and talent acquisition professionals.