Fighting for Jobs

Why organizations need to consider veteran hiring programs.   The unemployment rate has been plaguing the United States workforce since 2008. One of the hardest hit sectors of the population is veterans. The numbers don’t paint the prettiest picture. Veterans account for approximately 9.5 percent of the adult U.S. population. The unemployment rate has been […]

Job Board Stiff?

Why the ballyhooed dotcom platform is far from extinct.   By Brent Skinner    Listen to the hype market-wide, and job board technology might seem quaint. It might seem a relic from the dotcom days, when the market for talent went gaga over what today feels like a one-dimensional online experience. As boards and nothing […]

Innovation Starts Here

Elevate the hiring process with these hot tech products. By the Editors Today’s HR technology allows talent acquisition leaders to cast a wider net and improves the candidate experience for job seekers. From recruitment advertising and social media outreach, to sourcing, assessments, and referral programs, cloud- and mobile-based technologies have elevated the hiring process to […]

2016 Trends In Applicant Tracking Systems

New direction: single platform for continuous recruiting By Russ Banham Yesterday’s ATS (applicant tracking system) was a great way to manage the flood of job applications that overwhelmed hiring managers in the past. By automatically filtering the submissions based on a range of candidate criteria, these applications could be handled in a streamlined and regulatory-compliant […]

The Power of Information

Transform your talent acquisition process with these marketing-inspired strategies. By Debbie Bolla Over the last few years, the job-seeking behaviors
 of candidates have changed drastically, driven by an increased availability of information on potential employers through online networks and social media channels. CareerBuilder’s 2015 Candidate Behavior report finds that today’s job seekers leverage 17 different […]

Powerful Talent Engines

Today’s candidate platforms have evolved from workflow systems to decision-making machines. By Debbie Bolla For William Marzullo, vice president of talent acquisition for 2020 Companies, not having a true applicant tracking system (ATS) in place was no longer cutting it. The organization, which develops sales, marketing, and training programs for clients, hires up to 10,000 […]

Six Degrees of Separation

  The power of connectivity wins the 2013 iTalent competion.   By Maria Cristina Feliciano     Connect6 founders Chris Hohman, Andy Estep, and Senthil Kumar were all facing the same problem: They couldn’t find talent anywhere. Their industries were different—technology, product, and marketing—but their business struggles the same. They couldn’t grow and scale their […]

Social Media Savvy

Today’s technology powers job connections and branding, and can position your organization as a great place to work.   By Carol Johnson     Today’s clinical job seekers are becoming more sophisticated, engaged, and targeted in their use of digital, mobile, and social media, leveraging tools to more efficiently and effectively manage their job search […]

Judge and Jury

How candidates feel about your hiring process.   By Tom Boyle     What does your company look like from the candidate’s side of the desk? Every interaction with a candidate is a brand-building opportunity for your organization. Gaining insight into the candidate’s experience is vital, given the high cost of recruitment and competition for […]