Growing Into The Cloud

Global payroll trends focus on compliance, cloud integration, and growth growth growth By Bill Hatton No tree grows to the sky, the old saying goes. But trees do grow rapidly under certain conditions. In the case of global payroll, that is exactly what’s happening, and the industry is growing to the Cloud, if not to […]

Integrating Purpose with Profit

Strategies to encourage Millennials to engage in company 401(k) plans By R. Paul Herman and Joy Pettirossi-Poland What are the secrets to higher employee engagement, especially for Millennials and Generation X-ers? “Millennials want more from business than might have been the case 50, 20, or even 10 years ago,” says CEO of consulting fi rm Deloitte Global, Barry Salzberg. Integrating […]

A Blueprint for Talent

Organizations that leverage predictive analytics can pinpoint soft skills and cultural fit qualities of top performers to use for future hiring needs. By Russ Banham Predictive talent analytics is giving HR the means to recruit not just skilled workers, but the right ones, too. In the old workforce paradigm, a company determined the different skills sets it needed […]

Pinpointing Innovation

Three ways to determine if your talent acquisition process is ahead of the curve. By Beth Gilfeather Today’s RPO buyers demand a more exponential value proposition from providers. Simply achieving a client’s hiring goals and satisfying SLAs are not enough. Buyers want a crystal ball and guarantee of their future state. They want a transformative RPO solution that provides measurable […]

Facing the Interface Facts

Learn the three key differentiators of well-used and well-liked benefits platforms. By Chris Bruce With recent innovations in HR technology, executive teams across all industries are rethinking the way they approach their benefits solutions. Traditional methods are being abandoned in favor of platforms that reflect the needs of a constantly evolving workplace. In fact, according […]

On Point

Today’s online reference checking tools are adding more value to the hiring process than ever before. By Debbie Bolla One of the true values of HR technology is when a solution can transform a once tedious practice into an efficient, automated one that actually benefits the hiring process. Online reference checking solutions have been lauded […]

Innovative Sourcing Strategies for Mastering the Talent Landscape: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

In this renewed period of global economic growth, HR and talent management teams are engaged more actively than ever in the pursuit of sourcing the most valuable hires. As the overall talent pool shrinks, especially for highly specialized skill sets, organizations are beginning to adapt to these challenges by sourcing outside the box. Winning in […]