Proper Hospitality Taps Visionary Global Talent Management Agency Haufe

San Francisco, CA (April 5, 2016) – Leading global talent management and human resources company Haufe ( announced today that it has been tapped by Proper Hospitality to support the company through the opening of their eponymously-named hotels and residences in Hollywood, San Francisco, Downtown Los Angeles and Austin as well as the ongoing management of […]

‘Get Me to a Human’: Key Recruiting Functions that Still Require People

Veteran recruiting executives know human resources and recruiting are moving more and more rapidly into the technological space. Whether applicant tracking systems (ATS), vendor management systems, background screening applications, and automated reference checking, to name just a few – automation offers assistance in more and more recruiting functions. The new technology generates a lot of […]

NeueHouse Taps Global Talent Management Agency Haufe

San Francisco, CA – Leading global talent management and human resources company, Haufe, has announced it has been tapped by NeueHouse to support the company through its rapid global expansion. Well established in the European market, Haufe works with more than 600 global companies including Bayer, Olympus and Pricewaterhouse Coopers, among other top brands. Developed […]

HR in the ER – Underinvested in Talent Management

Hospitals and health systems have underfunded human resources, which has resulted in lost revenue opportunities.  In addition, healthcare C-Suite leadership has asked HR to accomplish nearly impossible tasks in workforce recruitment and retention given the current investments in infrastructure, technology and HR staff levels.  This is true in both for-profit and not-for-profit institutions.  While estimates […]

Improving SOW Management

Four ways organizations can achieve the most value from their contract workforce. By Christopher Dwyer Evolution is a word thrown around frequently when discussing the contingent workforce or non-employee workforce industry. No matter where an executive turns, he or she is faced with the great question of: Where’s great talent? In today’s rapidly-changing business world, a company’s top-performing workforce is […]

Human Capital’s ROI

Linking behavioral information with performance data is the key.   By Jason Taylor      Today’s economic conditions push executives toward a renewed focus on reducing expenses and growing efficiencies to improve the bottom line. This shift in strategy includes an increased interest in return on investment (ROI).     Companies tend to focus ROI […]

Human Resources Goes Mobile: Highlighting Top HR Apps

 As with many enterprise sectors, today’s anytime-anywhere mobile access is changing the game for HR.     By Kyle Lagunas     HR technology developers have hit the ground running to bring new solutions for hiring, managing and tracking HR to the mobile market. The majority of HR mobile tools currently available on the market […]

The Human Supply Chain

What Peter Cappelli contends that HR could—and should—learn from the procurement department.      By Russ Banham   He’s considered one of the world’s most influential theorists about human capital at work, a visionary thinker who predicted the credit crunch’s impact on employment well before it snapped, crackled, and popped. Peter Cappelli’s books and lectures take […]

Your Talent Management Systems, Are They Talking to Each Other?

 Selecting a talent management technology that integrates with your HRIS may not guarantee you will achieve the integration you had hoped for.   By Erica Bank   As the options for talent management technology point solutions continue to expand, a growing number of companies are choosing these tools to support their HR strategy. In the […]

Talent Management Remains Main Focus of Companies

 Study finds that HR executives feel talent is crucial to an organization’s success.   By Debbie Bolla   Is talent management moving toward a more holistic approach? That was the question one study attempted to answer recently, and it appears there is clear movement toward an aligned, holistic talent management system.   According to “Integrated […]