Four Lessons from the Feeding Frenzy In the RPO Market

Recruitment process outsourcing, or RPO, is the hottest segment of the HRO market. In talking with dozens of buyers and even more providers, here are four lessons for anyone who touches RPO. by Harry Feinberg, Jay Whitehead Oh, for the good ol’ days of recruiting. When you needed an executive then, you would call mega-retained-fee […]

Know Your Market

A look at the challenges of global recruitment—and how to ensure the effective management of worldwide workers. By Belinda Sharr Global recruitment can be a challenge, with different regions requiring different strategies to find the best employees for the job. Add to that multiple laws and regulations and cultural and regional expectations, and HR leaders […]

2016 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Recognition

We rank the top providers based on customer satisfaction surveys. By The Editors HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen rankings are based solely on feedback from buyers of the rated services. The ratings are not based on the opinion of the HRO Today staff. We collect feedback annually through an online survey, which we distribute both directly […]

Minding the Gap

By Nathalie Bression, Tony DiRomualdo, and Harry Osle Transformation remains a main initiative for HR organizations in 2016, finds the 2016 HR Key Issues study from The Hackett Group. Many companies are planning to overhaul key components of their service delivery models in order to meet business and HR performance goals. The bottom-line findings of […]

Once is Not Enough

Out with annual performance reviews and in with continuous coaching and feedback. By Anita Bowness When it comes to performance management programs, many organizations are no longer happy with the status quo: The annual review meeting where managers provide employees with feedback, a rating, and a compensation increase if earned. Then the file is closed […]

Retail Therapy

Meijer partnered with EG Workforce Solutions to find—and keep—talent in new and challenging markets. By Debbie Bolla When it comes to the retail industry, growth is always a good thing, but it can present business challenges. Such was the case for Meijer, the nation’s 19th largest privately held company with headquarters in Michigan. The retailer […]

CHRO Champions

Our annual awards celebrate and recognize the many successes of leading HR executives. By Belinda Sharr Chief human resource officers are responsible for the most valuable asset to a company: its people. CHROs have a challenging task as they take on multiple important roles in the workplace. They are successful workforce strategists who manage talent, […]

Work That’s Rewarding

Today’s employees seek meaningful and personalized appreciation. Leverage these five strategies to get it right. By Christa Elliott Today’s employees seek meaningful and personalized appreciation. Leverage these five strategies to get it right. Since the millennial generation first surpassed the baby boomers as the largest age group in the workforce last year, HR practitioners have […]

CEO’s Letter: Let Me Tell You a Story

I hope that every CEO’s office has a sign paraphrasing political campaign manager James Carville’s advice to the 1992 Clinton campaign (different Clinton): “It’s the Economy, Stupid”. The sign for the CEOs office should read: “It’s the Workforce, Stupid”. The wonderful truth today is that such a sign—so necessary a decade ago—is now largely unneeded. […]

Triple Threat

A trio of data-driven metrics healthcare organizations should consider for improved decision-making. By Jackie Larson Few conversations in healthcare today get very far before big data, analytics, or predictive modeling is brought up. Relative to workforce management, current key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive an organization’s planning include overtime, turnover, vacancy rate, and labor cost […]