The Evolving HRO Contract

Tips to navigating the new normal of contract negotiation.   By Barbara Melby and Kristen Hall      With the maturing of the HRO industry during the past decade and the increased sophistication of HR executives, we have seen a growing acceptance of the types of terms and conditions that are included in the contract […]

Total Workforce Synchronization

HR meets procurement meets the future.     By Ben Walker   Managed service programs (MSPs) matured in scope and importance during the past several years, as cost savings and risk mitigation became critical business drivers for many large corporations. The rapid expansion of program scope into additional outside services categories, such as independent contractors, […]

RPO Still Rapidly Evolving

Although it seems like a highly mature business, outsourced recruitment still needs to iron out some aspects. By Andy Teng   Recruitment process outsourcing might seem like a mostly mature market, and throughout most of North America, it is, with various flavors of engagement in practice for years now. However, the truth is that end-to-end […]

A Rock for the HRO Industry

Having learned the hard lessons of a pioneer, Prudential Financial’s Marissa Hedengren makes a point to share with industry colleagues. by Karen Angel Marissa Hedengren has a great vantage point. From the start of Prudential’s sweeping contract with Exult seven years ago, she was there. And she was there in the early days of the […]

HRO Reaches New Maturity

Diligent selection of deal scope, sustainable business models for providers, and other market developments help put the industry on a growth path, new study concludes. by Andy Teng In an era when less is more, HRO engagements are becoming less complicated, centered on repeatable, transactional, and established processes, sometimes built on global service delivery models, […]

Executive Roundtable: Providers Assess the HRO Market

Four major providers weigh in on the state of the industry, the direction it’s headed, and the barriers that outsourcing continues to face. by HROT Staff In these difficult economic times, HRO Today invited four key provider executives to discuss their thoughts on evolution of the outsourcing marketplace. Representing difference segments of the industry, these […]

Department: HRO Compliance:The Election’s Impact on HRO

As this year’s politics play out, how will the industry be affected by the outcome? Employers should carefully pay attention. by William B. Bierce The forthcoming presidential election reminds us of the legal changes that occur as part of the ebb and flow of the political process. For HRO providers and enterprise customers, the election […]

Defining RPO: Getting a Handle on a Rapidly Evolving Business

As the outsourced recruitment market matures, practitioners and providers settle on standards to help dispel myths about RPO. More consensus is needed, and industry observers say it’s coming. by Andy Teng Think of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) as Jell-o. Just a few years ago, it was a liquidy, amorphous practice few could put their arms […]

Improving Screening Services Through Technology and Product Integration

EMployers have always needed fast and accurate services, but today’s game changer is the use of innovative technology to quickly retrieve and view records. by Andy Teng As HR leaders look to transform their organizations, the outsourcing of non-core functions is a key pillar of that effort. But deciding on exactly which services to outsource […]

A Meaningful Approach to Using HRO Benchmarking

Figuring out why you want to benchmark will provide a clearer direction on how to use the data. by Debora Card Bench·mark: defined in Webster’s dictionary as “something that serves as a standard by which others may be measured or judged.” Benchmarking can be a confusing and often frustrating endeavor. Determining what metrics are useful […]