Higher Stakes

A new research report finds that 81 percent of job candidates wouldn’t join a company with a bad reputation. By the Editors The importance of a company’s reputation cannot be understated. Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s* annual corporate reputation study indicates that an organization can be perceived as “good” or “bad,” and this perception directly affects both […]

Screening On Screens

The benefits of integrating video into the talent acquisition process continue to expand through new capabilities. By Christa Elliott The first webcam was developed in 1991 at Cambridge University; it was used to monitor how much coffee was left in the coffee pot in the Cambridge computer science department break room. Fast-forward 25 years and […]

Seven Silver Bullets?

Research outlines key factors that drive employee engagement. By Gretchen Alarcon “Engagement”— it’s an increasingly difficult concept to define, but business leadership and HR professionals are constantly striving to find new ways to improve employee engagement through technology, training, and employee-supervisor relationships. Yet despite their efforts, these measures are not always successful. Although company leaders […]

CEO’s Letter: America’s Workforce Policy and HR’s Never-Ending Burden

You all ready for the new overtime requirements for workers earning $47,476 or less per year? Of course you are. Finally HR got the Affordable Care Act (ACA) healthcare selection process and program choices up on employee portals. No problem—they have been there for a few years. Ready for the extra bathroom? Of course, why […]

Social Sourcing in APAC: 10 Best Practices You Need to Know

Social sourcing means finding and attracting the best candidates using today’s social media platforms.  But, there is a vast difference between an organization that uses social media casually and one that uses it purposefully and strategically. Allegis Global Solutions has worked extensively with employers in APAC markets to create and implement social sourcing programs.  These […]

Meaning in the Workplace

Bring out the best in employees by helping them discover the why behind their work. Marcus Mossberger As today’s workplace becomes nearly unrecognizable for older generations, one aspect of it has remained unchanged: humanity’s desire to find meaning and purpose in the work they do. And because jobs take up the majority of employees’ time—especially […]

Giving More to Get More

Leverage five core factors of the employee experience to increase workforce productivity. By Derek Irvine The workplace is undergoing a major transformation. In the industrial era, the primary focus was finding task-oriented laborers whose output came from their hands. Today, an employee’s knowledge base has become a core component of organizational success. The information age […]

Combating Second-Generation Bias

Gender issues continue to plague the workforce, but there are strategies to break the divide. Cyndi Sax Every year, a new class of college graduates is released into the world to seek employment and begin building professional careers. Most will work in corporate offices, production facilities, labs, schools, from home, or in the field. Some […]