Managing the Modern Workforce

Organizations need to shift traditional thinking in order to attract and retain Millennials. By Colleen Albright With the recent emergence of the young, motivated and savvy Millennials, there have been several rapid changes to traditional workplace expectations. Young professionals are shaking off old trends and driving their careers based on what fits their personality, values, […]

Getting on Track

A new report identifies three factors that can improve employee engagement. By Susan Hunt Stevens Employee engagement and corporate culture have risen to high priority with executives in today’s business world because they understand that having a purposeful workforce equates to a high-performing one. Not only are key business goals met with an engaged workforce, […]

Going All In

MGM bets its recognition program on a tech-driven approach—and is winning. By Debbie Bolla In the high stakes business of gaming and hospitality, for MGM Resorts International, one gamble that isn’t worth the risk is its workforce. The multi-resort empire understands that in the highly competitive guest services industry, an organization is only as successful […]

Getting on The Same Page

An integrated MSP and VMS approach delivers better operational efficiencies and business outcomes. By Allie Ben-Shlomo Organizations that are not leveraging a managed service provider (MSP) and vendor management system (VMS) may be paying too much for contingent talent and at risk of noncompliance with various labor and benefit laws. They are also likely to […]

Show, Don’t Tell

How leveraging competency-based assessments can increase the chances of successful employees. By Brad Zomick Often chief learning officers and chief human resource officers use traditional methods—basic completion
and quizzes and surveys—as the primary way to gauge success in analyzing a candidate’s fit when making 
hiring decisions or implementing learning initiatives. But competency-based assessments can demonstrate how […]

All Sides of the Business

Having several roles at the same organization positioned Laurinda Pang for success as CHRO. By Kim Shanahan Some people say they do it all—and some people actually do. Laurinda Pang falls into the latter group. As executive vice president and chief administrative officer for Level 3 Communications, she has global responsibility for human resources, corporate […]

Predictive Planning

With today’s limited talent pool, organizations need to leverage strategic workforce planning to stay ahead. RPO can help. By Russ Banham The winds of economic opportunity are blowing, whipping up growth prospects in diverse industries. During this period of breakneck business opportunities, HR is increasingly turning to their RPO partners for more strategic assistance. Providers […]

Leading for Tomorrow

The winners of the 2015 CHRO of the Year awards are blazing the trail for the future of HR. By Debbie Bolla Chief human resources officers are often tasked with some of the most challenging business initiatives
since they revolve around an organization’s most important asset: their people. Pressing issues around talent, culture, and engagement have […]

Empowering All Employees

Does your organization have a strategic focus on diversity and inclusion? Four questions to help you determine the answer. By Audra Jenkins In today’s global business environment, customers, employees, and operations often span geographical and cultural boundaries. That’s why an active diversity strategy can have a significant influence on performance, profitability, and growth. According to […]

CEO’s Letter: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

By Elliot H. Clark, CEO In MacBeth Act V, Shakespeare wrote: “To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day” and the verse has been quoted ever since. Sorry, Bard, nothing is creep or petty in the pace nowadays. Everything is moving or “pacing” at breakneck speed. Nowhere did we see more […]