Changing the Game

How artificial intelligence can handle the mundane and free up recruiters to act more strategically. By Ian Cluroe The great promise of artificial intelligence (AI) taking over many day-to-day tasks is finally a possibility for the majority of organizations. Take a look at the impact AI has in the healthcare industry. Based in Pittsburgh, Aetheon […]

Strategic Moves

Providers continue to seek policies that make relocation the right choice for organizations and their best talent. By Russ Banham     After several years of penny pinching that narrowed the volume of international expatriate and other employee relocation assignments at many global organizations, the seemingly improving economy bodes more activity in the year ahead. […]

Tough Calls

Transparency is key to successfully hiring in today’s economy.   By Russ Banham     In the still-volatile economy (will it ever again not be volatile?), hiring candidates with criminal backgrounds serves a societal purpose, but poses risk. The latter can be described for employers as the old, proverbial “stuck between a rock and a […]

Technical Collage

A sector-by-sector review of tools and solutions.   By Brent Skinner    Technology touches every space of the HR outsourcing and operations industry. And who better to give inside scoop on what trends are blazing the trail for the future in every sector of HRO than the top leaders in our annual Baker’s Dozen surveys? […]

No Screen Is Perfect

An important lesson learned.   By Elliot Clark.   I am still bothered by the guy in Alaska. We did everything right, and we received many accolades from our client. We were on target to finish one of the largest high-intensity hiring waves we had ever done. Everything was working out well. Until, the guy […]

Austere Times Renews Interest in Benefit Services

 Outsourced solutions help address skyrocketing healthcare costs, retirement challenges as organizations seek integration across numerous benefits. By Andy Teng   Like payroll, benefits administration is a foundational service that HR must get right all the time. Whether it’s defined contributions (DC), pensions, or health and welfare, these critical components of employee benefits require careful attention […]

To ERP or Not to ERP: Is That The Right Question?

Whether you deliver HR services internally or through an HR BPO service provider, making sure you have a robust delivery system is a problem no one wants to confront.   by Naomi Lee   HR leaders are confronted almost daily with deciding about how best to conduct the business of HR management (HRM) and how […]

The Baker’s Dozen: Relocation

HRO Today’s annual look at the top full-service, end-to-end relocation providers. by HROT Staff Our annual look at the top relocation services providers may be very timely for HR organizations struggling with their relocation program. Even as the need for talent continues to grow everywhere around the world, the cost to fill those positions with […]

7 Secrets of RPO

What every buyer of recruitment process outsourcing should know. by Andy Teng As anyone familiar with recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) knows, it’s a fast-growing, fast-evolving practice that has many customers and service providers seeing dollar signs. For buyers, engaging in RPO is an opportunity to rein in recruitment costs while improving hiring performance. For providers, […]