2016 Trends In Applicant Tracking Systems

New direction: single platform for continuous recruiting By Russ Banham Yesterday’s ATS (applicant tracking system) was a great way to manage the flood of job applications that overwhelmed hiring managers in the past. By automatically filtering the submissions based on a range of candidate criteria, these applications could be handled in a streamlined and regulatory-compliant […]

Coping with Cost Increases

Organizations are turning to analytics platforms to help curb rising healthcare premiums and deliver better care options to employees. By Heather Lavoie Healthcare benefits are the single largest expense for most employers after payroll. The costs are staggering: In the decade leading up to 2014, Kaiser Family Foundation research revealed that the average premium for family coverage increased 69 percent. In 2014, average […]

Reaction Round-Up

Digging deeper about goals and results By Bill Hatton You know you have your own goals and reactions whenever you attend a conference—and that each participant and speaker has similar individual goals and reactions. Here we offer the individualized insights and reactions of four of our guests: An HRO Today Services & Technology Association Board […]

Get With The Program

The adoption of mobile recruiting practices has been slower than predicted, but it’s time to move at technology’s pace. Here’s how. By Audrey Roth In today’s technology driven age, organizations 
need to stay one step ahead in order to maintain a competitive edge in recruiting. Within the last few years, there has been a deluge […]

Picture This

Marriott leveraged a not-so-secret weapon in their latest recruiting effort: their employees. By Kristy Godbold It’s no secret that recruitment practices have moved into the digital realm. Paper cover letters and resumes of the past have quickly been replaced by search engines. Candidates leverage the Internet to find and apply for jobs, to maintain professional […]

Social Media Savvy

Today’s technology powers job connections and branding, and can position your organization as a great place to work.   By Carol Johnson     Today’s clinical job seekers are becoming more sophisticated, engaged, and targeted in their use of digital, mobile, and social media, leveraging tools to more efficiently and effectively manage their job search […]

In The Know

Why an employee referral program may be the answer to your recruiting and retention problems.   By Cari Turley     The right people can make or break a company. That’s great news for the self-employed, but unless you have a workforce of one, staffing is a major, perpetual concern. Sad but true, your employees […]

ATS 2.0

Technology is pushing the market forward to offer recruiters the much sought after competitive advantage.     By Kyle Lagunas       Technology is driving a massive wave of change in the recruiting industry. Companies looking for a competitive edge in talent acquisition are rethinking their strategies. As a result, the
role of recruiters is […]

Checks and Balances

How to effectively manage payroll of international assignees.   By Sue Wines     When organizations send assignees around the world, global payroll processing can become challenging.     Effective payroll administration requires maintaining assignment balance sheets, organizing local payroll delivery, coordinating data collection, complying with local tax and reporting requirements, and communicating to assignees […]