Growing Into The Cloud

Global payroll trends focus on compliance, cloud integration, and growth growth growth By Bill Hatton No tree grows to the sky, the old saying goes. But trees do grow rapidly under certain conditions. In the case of global payroll, that is exactly what’s happening, and the industry is growing to the Cloud, if not to […]

Cloud Considerations

If you haven’t move to the cloud yet, here are four reasons to make the investment By Tom Hammond As HR leaders look to replace their technology, many will consider updating their legacy systems with a cloud- based platform, accessed via the Internet rather than a local server. When deciding between on-premise and cloud-based technologies, […]

Cloud Clarity

The challenges and game-changing opportunities that come with moving to the cloud. By Anne Meyer and Todd Rayburn Decisions about if, when, and how to move to the cloud continue to be a significant part of the professional calculus for many companies. With more and more organizations moving their critical business processes to the cloud, understanding […]

Sharing Success

Winners of the HRO Today Forum APAC Awards discuss their greatest achievements. By Belinda Sharr HRO Today recognises the best and brightest HR professionals—we annually honour those who have helped blaze new trails with best practices for the HR industry to follow. Winners were announced in five categories at the HRO Today Services and Technology […]

All Aboard!

How technology helps people get settled into their new roles—even when things are moving fast By Belinda Sharr Your organization is no doubt moving quickly. As you bring in new people, you want them up to speed just as quickly as possible. But that’s no easy fix. Onboarding on a fast-moving, competitive organization can be […]

Best Laid Plans

Why it’s time for HR to improve workforce planning Dave Weisbeck Imagine you survey business leaders across your organization, and nearly three quarters of them agree that one particular issue is causing the organization to miss its business goals. A business sponsor would be selected, a project team would be assigned, and regular reviews would […]

HR Across the Spectrum: Predictions for 2016

Our experts anticipate big changes from tech to talent By Russ Banham 2015 marked the return of talent and put human resources executives front and center as their companies’ chief growth catalysts across diverse industry verticals. During the Great Recession, employees were a cost center to be swept partly away in the effort to “tidy the house.” This is […]

Picking Up The Pace

Essential approaches that speed up HR technology adoption. By Amber Hyatt The explosion of cutting-edge HR technology has
placed tremendous responsibility in the hands of talent management professionals. With the range of software technology options available and demand to manage
the increasingly complex world of talent management, pressure is on HR leaders to select systems that deliver
the […]

Ettling’s Insights

A Q&A from SAP’s conference, SuccessConnect, dives deep into how HR will navigate and succeed in the cloud. By Debbie Bolla “In the next three years, HR will definitely be in the cloud,” predicted Mike Ettling, president, HR line of business, for SAP, at the annual confab SuccessConnect. As the on-premise provider has moved the […]