Can Demand Keep Up With Supply

Doctor shortages add hiring pressure, create new opportunities.   By Ralph Henderson   It may be surprising, but a growing number of healthcare professionals are hired, not by hospitals and large health systems, but nontraditional retail clinics, such as the one in the supermarket down the block or the pharmacy across the street. They’re the […]

SaaS—From the Supply Side

As the first decade of ubiquitous HR outsourcing gives way to the second, the pursuit of the killer app is arguably giving way to a period of consolidation and hybridization, with Software-as-a-Service requiring a constant give-and-take to achieve optimal results.     HRO TODAY: In the past couple of years, SaaS has evolved into the market-dominant […]

Canadian Firms Look to Interim Solutions and RPO for Support

Whether the staffing need is for a week or a decade, RPO and IS offer solutions to employers’ multi-faceted human capital requirements. by Stephen Mill During the past decade, globalization has fundamentally changed the way businesses act and interact. It has created an array of challenges but also opened the door to remarkable opportunities. Most […]

The Impact of Total Talent Acquisition on Healthcare

This holistic approach to recruitment may be the answer healthcare organizations are searching for. By Tierney McAfee The healthcare industry continues to grapple with a shortage of available talent to fill open positions, driving an increase in the use of flexible work arrangements, such as locum tenens and traveler nurses. Because of this growing reliance […]

New Models for Healthcare Hiring

Five strategies for finding and keeping the best healthcare talent. By Debbie Bolla A number of challenges are converging to create the perfect storm in the healthcare hiring market. Baby boomers are moving into retirement, the aging population needs more care, and there is less talent available to fill open positions. The crisis of supply […]

Blockchain in Beta

The biggest challenge to blockchain adoption is finding highly skilled workers.

By Monique Black

Blockchain is radically changing the world as we know it. The technology, best known for its role in recording Bitcoin transactions, is an encrypted digital network of information that is organized into groups of data called “blocks” and easily accessed by everyone in a “chain.” Blockchain provides an efficient and secure way to store and share personal data, creating an infrastructure of trust that will impact personal lives, business, and government across the globe.

Competing for the Best

Organisations in Asia are adapting to stay competitive in a tough talent market.

By Marta Chmielowicz

The Asia-Pacific region is home to 4.5 billion people— nearly 60 per cent of the world’s population. Consisting of five countries that rank amongst the top 15 largest economies in the world—China, Japan, India, South Korea, and Australia—and featuring a robust annual GDP growth of 5.5 per cent in 2017, the region presents some of the best opportunities for business expansion and growth.

Sharing Best Practices

The 2017 HRO Today Forum APAC will offer winning strategies and workshops for better talent acquisition and management. As the summer draws to a close, HR professionals from all over the APAC region are gearing up for September and the HRO Today Forum APAC: a much-anticipated event that will supply insights and best practices to […]

Right on Schedule

Predictive technology is driving both patient and nurse satisfaction up while pushing costs down. By Jackie Larson It’s no secret that the healthcare industry continues to face tumultuous times. On one hand, the demand for patient care services is surging, prompted largely by an improving economy and an aging U.S. population that requires more services. […]

Not Enough Care in the World

An aging population combined with a severe hiring shortage creates a challenging time in healthcare recruiting. Russ Banham Looking for a career with wide employment availability? On the last day of business in 2016, there were 1.1 million job openings in the healthcare industry: the largest number recorded since the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) […]