Of Business Processes, Angioplasty, and Blogging

Part Two–Vinnie Mirchandani discusses macro trends driving the outsourcing market and why innovation can still flourish. by Joseph Vales, Kerry Ann Vales Vinnie Mirchandani is outspoken and a passionate observer of the IT services and software marketplaces. His Deal Architect advisory service is read by many of the leading corporate buyers around the globe. Using […]

Within Reach

Following the proper steps can help ensure FCRA compliance during the hiring process. By Audrey Roth Organizations leverage background screening when hiring new employees in order to protect themselves from making a costly mistake. But candidates are also protected by federal laws, like the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) that help regulate background reports by […]

Getting it Right

Three strategies to reduce the risk and potential fines associated with worker misclassification. By Dana Shaw Has the worker classification world gone mad? As if economic and governmental issues weren’t challenging enough, the blame-and-shame game for companies who misclassify workers, even unintentionally, has hit an all- time low. Consider the most recent conflicting headlines, HR […]

Picture This

Marriott leveraged a not-so-secret weapon in their latest recruiting effort: their employees. By Kristy Godbold It’s no secret that recruitment practices have moved into the digital realm. Paper cover letters and resumes of the past have quickly been replaced by search engines. Candidates leverage the Internet to find and apply for jobs, to maintain professional […]

Socially Accepted

Social media recruiting isn’t new—but it’s time to put strategy around your organization’s efforts. By Audrey Roth From the word “hashtag” being added to the Miriam Webster Dictionary to Facebook handles being featured on bus stop advertisements, social media 
is part of our everyday lives. Social media’s presence 
is not being overlooked in the hiring […]

Re-Engaging in Learning

Limited access to key skills and newer technologies are driving HR’s investment in learning. By Debbie Bolla As organizations continue to struggle to find and attract talent, the learning landscape is starting to show its value once again. According to the PwC’s 17th annual global CEO survey, Fit for the Future, 63 percent of CEOs […]

Perfect Pair

How employer brand and recruiting can work together to gain top talent. By Neil Griffiths It is said that when a pair is perfectly matched, the two bring out the best in each other by complementing each other’s strengths. This is equally true when it comes to the workplace. While an organization’s marketing and HR […]

To the Core

Making company values a foundation of business decisions can breed success—and attract talent to boot. By Pete Davis It’s no secret that the job landscape is shifting in favor of the job seeker. With businesses climbing back onto even ground after the recession, more and more jobs are opening up. Once-desperate job seekers now have the luxury of […]

Mobile Rising

More and more organizations are getting in the game of mobile recruiting. Advice on how to do it right. By Ward Christman With 77 percent of the workforce open to seeking better job opportunities according to CareerBuilder’s 2013 Candidate Behavior Study, it’s no wonder that companies are positioning themselves with as many as outlets as […]