The Business of HR

What comes with being a CHRO at an HR service partner organization? The answers may surprise you.

By Debbie Bolla

As the CHRO of any organization, running the management of human capital is no easy feat. But imagine the challenges of being an HR leader at an organization whose business is to make HR’s life easier.

Train for Today and Tomorrow

Employees—and organizations—can benefit from financial, soft skills, and leadership development programs. Andrew Allen When it comes to training programs, most organizations tend to stick to the basics: skills needed to perform everyday functions or topics covering compliance requirements. While those are important and necessary, HR leaders should consider additional types of training that can benefit […]

Growing Into The Cloud

Global payroll trends focus on compliance, cloud integration, and growth growth growth By Bill Hatton No tree grows to the sky, the old saying goes. But trees do grow rapidly under certain conditions. In the case of global payroll, that is exactly what’s happening, and the industry is growing to the Cloud, if not to […]

Technical Collage

A sector-by-sector review of tools and solutions.   By Brent Skinner    Technology touches every space of the HR outsourcing and operations industry. And who better to give inside scoop on what trends are blazing the trail for the future in every sector of HRO than the top leaders in our annual Baker’s Dozen surveys? […]

Forward Thinking

A bevy of valuable information and research can be found with the click of a mouse. By The Editors         In-depth information on the outsourcing industry is shared in our online thought-leadership center. You will find white papers, case studies, research reports, and more to help educate and guide you in making […]

Is the HRO Marketplace On Target for a Strong 2009?

After a tough 2008, can the industry expect a breather from bad news? Some signs point to yes. by Andy Teng If you thought 2008 was a tough year, you’re not alone. If you thought 2008 was a tough year for the multi-process HRO business, you might want to reconsider. Although there were just a […]

Executive Roundtable: Providers Assess the HRO Market

Four major providers weigh in on the state of the industry, the direction it’s headed, and the barriers that outsourcing continues to face. by HROT Staff In these difficult economic times, HRO Today invited four key provider executives to discuss their thoughts on evolution of the outsourcing marketplace. Representing difference segments of the industry, these […]

Cash Flow

When “people” flow became a bigger issue than cash for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, it looked to outsourcing as a way to improve its employee relocation program. by Andy Teng Next time you condemn the U.S. federal government as a lumbering, inefficient, and out-of-date monolith incapable of reform, consider striking up […]


When the Catalina Restaurant Group emerged from bankruptcy in 2002, building robust HR and F&A processes was a critical, if not economically feasible, task. But thanks to outsourcing, the company today can focus on feeding hungry customers instead of back-office headaches. by Andy Teng Chaos. It’s a fair description of companies in the mid-market segment. […]

Market Maturity at a Crossroads

Assessing the maturity of HRO: wunderkind or ready for reform school? by Robert H. Brown Assessing a singular “maturity of HRO” is difficult to pin down. On one hand, discrete offerings such as payroll and benefits administration services have been around for years, and nearing what Gartner terms “plateau of productivity”; that is, their maturity […]