Standing Out From the Crowd

Five thought leaders from the HRO Today Forum  share HR insight and wisdom.   In The Wisdom of Crowds, author James Surowiecki relates a story about the famously snobby 19th Century anthropologist Francis Galton. A pioneer of surveys and statistics, Galton delighted in producing research that was designed to show the stupidity of the hoi polloi (no […]

Instituting a Gold Standard for HR Services

After reinventing herself, Hertz CHRO LeighAnne Baker helps the world’s biggest car rental brand do the same through selective outsourcing. by Andy Teng The Hertz Corp. has seen a lot of changes during the past few years, bouncing between various owners and public and private status. In 2005, after a private equity group bought Hertz […]

Standards-setting Body Helps Accelerate Market Development

Even after years of development, the HRO market still lacks standards for some basic issues. An industry committee is hoping to change that. by Andy Teng When Linda Merritt, one of the architects of AT&T’s outsourcing engagement with Aon Consulting, began putting together the early HRO deal, she started from scratch. With few predecessors to […]

Are You Being Served?

For those in the market still focused on taking costs out, here’s how to get your needs met. by Monica Barron Many of the recently announced HRO deals—think J&J and Unilever—are large, global, transformational implementations. These companies create their sourcing strategy with the goal of not just taking cost out—although that’s important to do where […]

Raising Recognition’s Standards

When raising the bar on your recognition programs and practices, seek out solid standards of excellence. By modeling after the best, you can excel and make a difference in your organization. by Roy Saunderson One of my thrills this year was being a judge for best-practice awards nominations for Recognition Professionals International (RPI, formerly NAER). […]

What’s Love (or Standardization) Got To Do With It?

As with the role love plays in marriage, the role standardization plays in HRM BPO—and its importance—are subject to interpretation. by Naomi Lee Bloom We’re taught that love is a wonderful thing, that it makes long marriages possible, is good for our overall health, and is deserving of tax breaks and legal protections when implemented […]

Understanding Employee Attitudes is Key To Talent Challenges in Greater China

Cheap labor in China? Not if you want to tap middle managers with 7 to 15 years of experience. And don’t believe it’s all about the money. by Paul McGrory A survey conducted by Futurestep of mid-level professionals in Greater China (including Hong Kong) in late June found that 62 percent labeled themselves either “likely” […]

CEOs Who Understand What Really Matters

These two HRO CEOs offer winning visions and selfless dedication to their colleagues and customers by Jay Whitehead It was before 5:00 a.m., Tuesday, June 21, in Zurich, Switzerland, when Jerome Caille, CEO of $23 billion Adecco Group heard that SwissAir cancelled his dawn flight to Brussels. In five hours, the 37-year-old global staffing, recruiting, […]

SAP Sets New Standards for Business Process Outsourcing

Unveils BPO Services Powered bySAP; Certified Outsourcing and Collaboration with Leading BPOProviders Enables Companies to Drive Growth and Innovation NEWYORK, N.Y. – April 12, 2005 – Further delivering on its road map forbusiness process outsourcing (BPO), SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announceda new program that helps businesses execute a successful outsourcingstrategy. Under the BPO Services […]

HRIS–Enabling HRO Standards

In a rapidly changing market, HRO finds some common standards. by Michel Janssen HRIS is typically the most vital and consistent element when creating process standards for HRO. As discussed in last months column, the introduction of broad-scope outsourcing into HR is gently beginning to promote process standards between groups of companies via simple economic […]