On-Demand Apples, Outsourced Oranges

Can SaaS really supply all of a company’s e-HR platform needs, or does it lack the full range of capabilities? by Synco Jonkeren In an interesting Dataquest Insight report earlier this year, entitled “Critical Issues Face the Long Term Growth of the HR BPO Market,” Gartner’s Rob Brown discussed some so-called “game-changers” of our HRO […]

Broadening the Global Footprint

Five steps organisations should consider to ease expansion.

By Kristina Lengyel

Today, many companies are contemplating globalisation in order to grow revenues and increase bottom-line profitability. The idea of going global makes sense, especially considering that the world’s emerging economies represent a very real and immediate opportunity to reach new consumers—an Accenture report says these markets will represent more than 65 per cent of global GDP by 2030—and more efficiently run various aspects of operations, such as manufacturing.

Getting Beyond Optics

A panel shares the real business advantages of diversity and inclusion. By Bill Hatton Like many high-minded concepts, diversity and inclusion can be window-dressing, a panel of four diversity experts explained at the 2014 COMMIT!Forum in New York. But beyond window-dressing, there are real business benefits to strong diversity programs. Amber Johnson, chief communications officer, […]

Too Much To Manage?

It’s actually the complexity of SOW projects that make them ideal for vendor management systems.   By Peter Parks   Many organizations believe that vendor management systems (VMS) are only appropriate for the management of straight time-and-material engagements, and that statements of work (SOW) are just too complex for the software to handle.   SOWs […]

Trending Now

  Nine hot-button issues in global HR technology.       By Brent Skinner     Mobile technology; integration of social media into HR-specific and talent management functions; unification of technologies under one best-in-class, single provider; emigration of systems to the cloud—they’re the usual suspects when discussing the global trends in HR technology. But what’s […]


Assessing candidates by video. By Russ Banham     When Dow Jones & Company went looking for ways to improve the quality of its hires and reduce recruitment costs, it tapped a novel, but fast-growing, concept—video interviewing. Just seven years ago, the idea of live or virtual video interviews of job candidates resided in the […]

Not Your Father’s Recruiting Function

  Global influences that will impact the industry and those who work in it.   By D. Zachary Misko   As businesses across the globe evaluate and continue to assess their
recruitment needs, HR departments are being confronted by a daunting array
of challenges.
On the one hand, there is supposed to be an abundance of talent, yet
attracting the […]

Standards Deviation

A look inside the struggle to improve the orderly management of backgrounding data.     By John Sumser     Most terms used in HR and HR technology are ill defined and employed to grind the axe of the speaker. Talent management, for example, means everything from succession planning to the full complement of tools […]

Building a Business Case

While it might not be easy, you have to gather all the relevant data and get internal buy-in before you issue that RFP. by Michael Beygelman You come out of an executive meeting where it was collectively agreed on that your company’s current recruitment process, model, or infrastructure is not effectively supporting needs of the […]

RPO Alliance Wisdom

Sure, they might be vendors, but the words of some of the industry’s largest RPO service providers are aimed at helping buyers align their expectations with the providers’ delivery. If you’re not tired of hearing the word, partnership is indeed the best approach to a successful recruitment outsourcing program. by Anne Nimke, Jason Berkowitz The […]