CHRO Challenges

A new survey reveals the top three challenges facing HR. Advice on how to turn them into opportunities. By Paul Mandell Chief HR officers (CHROs) of today’s global businesses have more on their plates than ever before. From new laws and regulations that differ by jurisdiction to an evolving international labor supply, the challenges of
HR […]

Editor’s Note: Challenge Accepted

By Debbie Bolla Editor-in-Chief Everyone faces challenges in their roles and HR is no exception. As I read through this month’s issue, three concerns appeared in not just one but multiple stories, suggesting a trio of pressing matters for HR executives across the board. A new survey by Consero Group asked HR leaders what was […]

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

In today’s landscape, management can no longer afford to supervise every employee in the same way. Advice on how to better service your organization. By Steve Wolfe Today’s workplace primarily comprises three generations: Baby boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. Each age group has varying viewpoints that have been shaped by differing life events, market circumstances, […]

All Signs Point to Up

Positive growth in 2014 is likely to continue in 2015 finds analyst firm NelsonHall. By Amy Gurchensky If the past is any indicator of the future, then the HR outsourcing market will have a productive upcoming year. 2014 contract activity was up nearly 11 percent year-over- year, with renewals and contract expansions accounting for a […]

Socially Accepted

Social media recruiting isn’t new—but it’s time to put strategy around your organization’s efforts. By Audrey Roth From the word “hashtag” being added to the Miriam Webster Dictionary to Facebook handles being featured on bus stop advertisements, social media 
is part of our everyday lives. Social media’s presence 
is not being overlooked in the hiring […]

Allegis Group Finalizes Acquisition of Talent2 in APAC region – 7/15

Allegis Group, Inc. today announced the completion of its acquisition of Talent2. In September of 2012, Allegis Group formed a joint venture with Morgan & Banks Investments Pty Limited to privatize Talent2. The acquisition of Talent2 cements Allegis Group’s footprint in the Asia Pacific region. With Talent2’s strong presence in the Asia Pacific region combined […]

Scientifically Shaping Careers

Organizations are using behavioral science to increase employee satisfaction, retention, and leadership potential.   By Jason Taylor   Every employee within an organization has a career arc that is referred to as the employee life cycle. Some employees have a very short life cycle, while other employees find opportunities that fulfill their career objectives for […]

Don’t Fall Behind

Reasons to make mobile part of your recruiting strategy.   By James Beriker   The digital world is going through a seismic shift: users are moving from desktop and laptop computers to smartphones and tablets. According to Forbes, there are now four times as many mobile devices as there are PCs in the world, and […]

Short Falls

Staff vacancies are perceived high when quality workers are needed the most.   By Susan Salka   Health policy makers and researchers have recently been having a healthy theoretical debate about shortages of nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals. Some predict dire shortfalls over the next two decades, while others question whether they will actually materialize, […]