HRO Today Releases Worker Confidence Index Study Annual Report for 2017

HRO Today Releases Worker Confidence Index Study Annual Report for 2017 Worker Job Security and Trust in Leadership Wavering Philadelphia, PA – March 8, 2018 – HRO Today announced that it released its Worker Confidence Index Study annual report for 2017. In this study, the Worker Confidence Index (WCI) reports a decrease of 0.7 points […]

The Worker Confidence Study – Annual Report 2017

The Worker Confidence Index (WCI) decreased by 0.7 points since last quarter and 1.3 points since last year. It now stands at 103.2 after increasing for the past two consecutive quarters. Of the four components of the WCI, trust in company leadership rose by 3.2 points, while there was a 2.5 percent decline in confidence […]

C-TEN On-demand Meeting Library

  Bringing CHROs together for invigorating idea exchange. The C-TEN is the premier networking and professional development society for top HR leaders. Below are links to the on-demand library of C-TEN member meetings: Initial kick-off meeting on 11/1/17:  click here to watch the recording Group meeting, 11/30/17:  click here to watch the recording Group meeting, […]

Strategic RPO: How Can Your RPO Make You More Competitive?

Companies expect their RPOs to create better, more efficient and deeper pipelines of talent.  They expect a strong social media presence.  They expect technology, metrics and analytics.  And they expect high operational performance. But, as markets mature, operational efficiency only goes so far.  So RPOs have looked to deliver value-added services.  They seek to become […]

Modes of Motivation

A new research study examines seven trends in incentivizing the workforce. By Melissa VanDyke As economic growth continues and CEOs replace their recessionary view with a longer-term focus on growth and innovation, talent retention and motivation will be a key battleground. A recent 2017 Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) Trends Study sought to identify important changes […]

Press Releases

HRO Today Releases Worker Confidence Index Study for 1Q 2018 Philadelphia, PA – July 11, 2018 – SharedXpertise, publisher of HRO Today Magazine, and Yoh Recruitment Process Outsourcing have partnered to release the Worker Confidence Index study for the first quarter of 2018. During this quarter, the study found that the Worker Confidence Index (WCI) […]

RPO’s Future Discussed in Teleconference

The RPO Alliance, a subset of the HRO Association, will discuss its mission, vision, and future — including current research, development of tools to assist buyers in evaluating, selecting, and managing RPO, and the upcoming RPO Summit — in a teleconference scheduled on Thursday, July 26th at noon EST. For more information, click here.

The Baker’s Dozen

The Industry’s Top Full-Service Relocation Providers by Elisa Williams This list was developed by contacting 15 of the largest full-service relocation companies. Participating companies were asked to fill out a questionnaire providing data on their own services and on those of their main competitors. Numbers were averaged to come up with an industry average for […]