Leader-Driven IT

 Your talent management software is only as good as those who head up its implementation.    By Naomi Bloom   It’s been seven years since I wrote my first Tech In Bloom column. That’s seven years of adding my thoughts to the broader discussion of what, why, and how we achieve breakthroughs in organizational business […]

Go Configure

 The business case for an automated interrogatory approach to your HR software.   By Naomi Bloom   September’s column announced that multi-tenancy had gone mainstream as a required foundation for any HRM SaaS product or BPO platform worthy of the name. The sole exception, perhaps, can be found at the most complex/global end of the […]

Configuration Construct

HRM software customization is so yesterday.   By Naomi Bloom   There are two primary methods of ensuring that a specific organization’s user experience preferences, work flows, data requirements, processing/business rules etc. are accommodated by HRM software—configuration and, heaven forbid, customization. Before vendors delivered extensive, robust configuration tools (and many still don’t!), the usual method […]

The Triumph Of Multi-Tenancy

To multi-tenant or not to multi-tenant? When it comes to HRM BPO and SaaS, multi-tenancy is the clear victor.    By Naomi Bloom   Can it really be nearly seven years since we started this? I’m confident that you’ve been reading this column from its inception in January of 2003, and dedicated readers know that […]

Yes, We Do Need BPO Even When We Have SaaS

 Because software automation can’t cover all HR processes, there are BPO services.    By Naomi Bloom   Few terms have been as misunderstood as business process outsourcing (BPO). Human resource outsourcing (HRO), the umbrella term, is the use of an external provider to do any aspect of HRM rather than doing it ourselves. HRM BPO […]

If We’ve Got SaaS, Do We Need BPO?

It’s been a long road to where we are today with software-as-a-service, but the business model is finally economically viable. Understanding how we got here sets the groundwork for answering the question: Do we need SaaS in BPO? By Naomi Bloom   In last month’s column, I described the world of HRM software before we […]

If We’ve Got SaaS, Do We Need BPO?

 A look back at the days prior to software-as-a-service reveals a costly and inflexible time in which HR leaders had very few choices for service delivery.   By Naomi Bloom    HR leaders and HRM specialists have a big stake in using technology to help them achieve the business outcomes (not just the HR department’s […]