401(k) Regulators Knocking?

What to do if officials make a ‘visit.’   By Deborah Castellani   While 401(k) plans continue to grow in popularity, so has the • immense scope of complexity surrounding compliance. Lately, there’s more attention and scrutiny from regulators and
lawyers, making it imperative for plan sponsors to understand their fiduciary roles, the overall process, and […]

Cash Balance Plus 401(k) Equals a Better Equation

Don’t throw out that DB plan yet. Here’s an alternative to just define contributions that can help you to attract more employees while minimizing risk and liability. by Susan Rosenbleeth, Jennifer Beattie Recent actions by the courts have given cash-balance plans a new lease on life. Almost simultaneously, the Pension Protection Act blessed hybrid plans […]

Your 401(k)—a Lifeline to Life After Retirement

As defined contribution plans become the norm, employers are looking for ways to increase employee participation. by Denise Doig As employers move away from defined-benefit (DB) plans into the defined-contribution (DC) arena, issues such as employee participation keep reappearing. Even as financial analysts continue to predict the dissolution of Social Security benefits, many U.S. workers […]

Designing a 401(K) Plan?

There is more than one way to do it. by Susan Rosenbleeth When asked to, most people describe a 401(k) plan as one that allows employees to contribute money pre-tax for retirement; usually provides employer matches on a portion of the employee’s deferrals, most often at 50 percent; is difficult to withdraw money from, although […]

Newkirk Introduces Comprehensive Roth 401(k) Communications Services To Educate Providers Administrative Staff, Sponsors, and Pa

ALBANY, NY, August 29, 2005 – Newkirk, a nationally known provider of communications for defined contribution plan providers, today announced a number of educational services designed to increase knowledge about, and facilitate decision-making with respect to, the new Roth 401(k) plan option. Roth presents a communication issue at many levels, said Peter Newkirk, president of […]

Cruise Control for 401(k) Plan Participants

Running on auto pilot is okay, as long as plan administrators keep their hands on the wheel. by Larry Heller Although much has been written about the controls put in place by 401(k) plan sponsors to protect day traders from themselves, participants at the opposite end of the spectrum are often overlooked. Lets call them […]

Passive Enrollment in 401(k)s

Passive enrollment may be automatic in many ways, but it still requires action. by Maria J. Petrino, Larry Heller The concept of passive enrollment appeals to many 401(k) plan sponsors. Surveys show an increasing number of sponsors adopting this approach also referred to as automatic or negative enrollment. Passive enrollment is essentially the opposite of […]

HR innovation—A look ahead to 2017: Part II

What innovation concepts are most relevant to the talent-acquisition function? Alexander Mann Solutions and HRO Today commissioned this study in April 2016 to answer that question – and specifically to understand innovation and what was driving organizations’ failure to innovate. In Part I of this two-part series, we examined what was occurring in terms of […]