Worldwide Unemployment Snapshot – Second Quarter, 2016

Because most large companies have locations worldwide, the need to quickly access international employment levels and trends has never been greater. Worldwide employment rates vary greatly, so incorporating this component of workforce planning is vital to a company’s worldwide staffing strategy. To accomplish this, Peoplescout is partnering with HRO Today to produce a quarterly summary […]

Leading For The Future

We recognize 20 CHROs for their pursuit to align HR strategy to business outcomes. Debbie Bolla For our third annual CHRO of the Year awards, HRO Today recognizes those CHROs with the capabilities to adapt to a competitive business environment in order to deliver the insight needed for HR transformation. We understand the importance of […]

The Worker Confidence Study – Second Quarter 2015

Beginning with the Third Quarter of 2014, HRO Today Magazine together with Yoh Recruitment Process Outsourcing launched a new index to measure employment security. There are multiple indices that look at attitudes about the economy, such as the Consumer Confidence Index, Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index, BLS Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) or United […]

MSP, Globalized

Insights about the worldwide workforce from a recruitment thought leader. By Lisa Maxwell   I recently spoke with Teresa Creech, President MSP and CW Solutions at Randstad Sourceright U.S. about current trends in the globalization of managed service providers (MSP). Creech shared her views about this expanding sector of talent management and recruitment with cogent […]

Changing Tides

As the market matures and becomes more competitive, RPO buyers are seeking industry-specific solutions. By Avinish Mittal and Rajesh Ranjan Everest Group’s latest RPO Annual Report reveals that the market is maturing. In fact, the 22 leading RPO service providers that Everest Group covers in its research have amassed quite a large portfolio. The group has more […]

2011 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Relocation Providers

Top Relocation Providers The rankings contained within the Baker’s Dozen for relocation, and other service areas, in HRO Today are based on customer survey data. The indices result from a multi-step process. HRO Today identified the top relocation and training providers. Our survey research team then asked providers to identify customers to be surveyed. Using […]

New Economy, New HR Brand

Time to jettison tired thinking. By Lisa Maxwell People management is central to the thinking and practice of HR organizations in today’s ever-changing knowledge economy. It is also essential to establishing a new HR brand. Key to this branding is a strategic link of the practice, norms, and expectations of HR to knowledge management in […]

Tailoring Transformation

Building diverse learning paths for your workforce is the most sustainable means of ensuring true change.     By Lisa Maxwell     Even in a sluggish economy, investments in human capital through employee programs are on the rise, and organizations with strong employee development initiatives are positioned to gain a critical competitive edge.  In […]

Preventive Perking

As we emerge from The Great Recession, employers should get creative with employee engagement and rewards. By Lisa Maxwell As the economy begins to show glimpses of improvement and job opportunities start to increase, companies will start to recalibrate their workforce strategies. We have been in a “hunker down” mode for a while now. Employer […]

CEO, Talent Scout

 The old image of the charismatic (but distant) chief executive is long gone—replaced by more detailed personnel duty.   By Lisa Maxwell   Chief Executive Officer, once a revered title, has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent months. CEOs face tough challenges as they try to maintain cost-effectiveness and profitability, no small feat in this […]