Pressure Points

A recent survey finds the family, expat attrition, and compliance are relocation’s toughest challenges. But there are benefits too. By Cindy Madden It’s always tough to predict the future when it comes to the relocation industry, but one topic continues to be a major challenge, finds the 2014 Trends in Global Relocation: Global Mobility Policy […]

HRO Chip Shot

Not many outsourcing engagements go as smoothly as the one for NXP Semiconductors, especially when they include end-to-end HR and RPO services. With mission clarity from the outset, sage advice from a sourcing consultant, and a deadline-conscious provider, the mid-market buyer was able to assemble all the elements conducive to outsourcing success. by Andy Teng […]

So What Has HRO Done for Us?

The outsourcing industry isn’t quite the Romans, but HR certainly receives benefits it often forgets to think about. The impetus lies with providers to help clients rebuild the retained organization. by Neil McEwen Readers who remember the Monty Python films will recall the famous line: “So what have the Romans done for us? Apart from […]

What Are Standards, Anyway? And Are They Really Needed?

The discussion is just beginning to define standards for the industry and achieve consensus on where and how to implement them. by Monica Barron There is a frisson of excitement in the HRO industry these days regarding standards, which are predicted to do everything from shortening sales cycles to easing implementations to saving the HRO […]

Build It, but Will They Come?

Lessons on creating a usable employee experience during service delivery transformation design, implementation, and post go-live. by Michael Stephan, Michael Gretczko & Daniel Sundt Implementation is tough. Companies often spend millions of dollars, invest hours of hard work, and do everything “by the book,” only to find that they don’t achieve the anticipated value. Getting […]

Global Talent Management Part I: Recruiting Globally

As Baby Boomers retire, the shortage for experienced talent is expected to grow. Look for the talent you need in places you haven’t thought about. by Atul Vashistha Talent management has been in the news lately as employers in the U.S. and other developed economies face a shortage of skilled workers, a problem that will […]

Justifying the Pink Slips

Downsizing merely to appease analysts doesn’t make much sense. Only as part of a strategic plan do layoffs produce returns. by Scott Golas HR has long confined its responsibility within a company exclusively to the “operation” of people management systems. This narrow purview guarantees HR non-strategic status, since strategic implies accountability for a company’s results, […]

Working Through the Dip: Today’s Learning Market

Outsourced learning solutions continue to build momentum as buyers realize the advantages of an external solution. Growing pains, however, are unavoidable. by Raj Ramachandran The ability for organizations to attract and retain talented employees is becoming a key competitive advantage. As such, many corporations have established corporate learning organizations as a tool for the development […]

A Lesson from America

While Europeans might laugh about certain American cultural practices, they also are students of how U.S. companies put technology to work in BPO transformation. by Synco Jonkeren, Gianni Giacomelli There is one thing America can teach the rest of the world. Guesses are welcomed. Use of air conditioning? Fuel efficiency? Vacation time? These days, there […]