The Employee Well Being Study – Second Quarter 2015

Beginning with the Third Quarter of 2014, HRO Today Magazine together with Yoh Recruitment Process Outsourcing launched a new index to measure employment security. There are multiple indices that look at attitudes about the economy, such as the Consumer Confidence Index, Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index, BLS Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) or United […]

Avoiding the Second-Year Slump

Ways organizations can keep the honeymoon alive in order to increase employee productivity and retention. By Derek Irvine Picture this: You’re a manager at a company and you’ve just hired the ideal candidate for a new position. They’re qualified, ambitious, and motivated, and once on the job they work hard, produce great results, and appear […]

CEO’s Letter: Why Recognition Works

By Elliot H. Clark, CEO The reason recognition works is that employees are people. And in our increasingly automated, robotically controlled, computer optimized world, they will continue to be people. And people need to feel appreciation and respected. It makes them more engaged and committed. Everyone knows this intuitively. The hard part for HR is […]

I-9 Anywhere

Avoid costly fines by following these best practices for successful completion of Form I-9 for remote employees. By Angela Lockman More and more companies have a distributed workforce, with the number of offsite job postings growing 26 percent in the last year, according to Whether companies are bringing on remote employees in order to […]

Cloud Considerations

If you haven’t move to the cloud yet, here are four reasons to make the investment By Tom Hammond As HR leaders look to replace their technology, many will consider updating their legacy systems with a cloud- based platform, accessed via the Internet rather than a local server. When deciding between on-premise and cloud-based technologies, […]

Compensation Via the Cloud

A blueprint for building the business case for payroll technology. By Jayson Saba Effective payroll processing is a fundamental part of managing human resources. A paycheck is one of the main reasons your employees show up to work each morning, and that being the case, they have high expectations. They want their compensation to be […]

Managing the Modern Workforce

Organizations need to shift traditional thinking in order to attract and retain Millennials. By Colleen Albright With the recent emergence of the young, motivated and savvy Millennials, there have been several rapid changes to traditional workplace expectations. Young professionals are shaking off old trends and driving their careers based on what fits their personality, values, […]

Investing in People

Six successful ways high-performing organizations approach human capital management. By Karie Willyerd HR and talent professionals have known it for years and now it’s been proven: a better-prepared workforce delivers better results. In fact, a global survey of more than 2,700 executives conducted by Oxford Economics and SAP backs up intuition with data. The study […]

Getting on Track

A new report identifies three factors that can improve employee engagement. By Susan Hunt Stevens Employee engagement and corporate culture have risen to high priority with executives in today’s business world because they understand that having a purposeful workforce equates to a high-performing one. Not only are key business goals met with an engaged workforce, […]