Flash Report: The Importance of Contingent Workforce & Employer Branding

In this Flash Report sponsored by AgileOne, we take a look at how employers feel about their brand strength when attracting contingent workers in the North America region. There are approximately 6 million workers classified as contingent in the US, and nearly three-quarters (71 percent) of respondents felt that the contingent workforce is an important […]

2019 C-TEN News and Additional Resources

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2019 C-TEN Meeting Calendar

  C-TEN aims to provide members with opportunities for professional development, networking and idea exchange by delivering content in three meeting formats: Content Presentations – feature subject matter experts who deliver content and facilitate a member discussion. Available on-demand. Shared Problem-Solving Discussions – connect directly with your peers to share a success or seek advice on […]

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Is Salary History Becoming History? Tackling The New Trend

Many states and cities have now passed laws prohibiting employers from discussing candidates’ salary histories and from relying upon prior compensation in hiring. These so-called “salary history ban” laws may all contain the same general prohibition, but each separately addresses – or fails to address – key issues such as: (1) what happens when a […]

The Future of Personality: Reinventing the Way People Interact in Your Organization

Organizations spend time, money and energy on an array of behavioral assessments and training. But does it make a difference? Discover why these sessions get rave reviews, yet overwhelmingly fail to create a lasting impact. You will learn how to infuse personality into your cultural DNA and transform the way people work together. From empty […]

Three Workforce Solutions to Reduce Costs of Contingent Healthcare Staffing

Throughout the nation, healthcare executives face crisis conditions in the growing shortages of healthcare practitioners, rising reimbursement and regulatory pressures, and an increasingly competitive marketplace. However, the percentage of contingent workers in the healthcare industry continues to grow. Watch Dan White, President of Strategic Workforce Solutions of AMN Healthcare, and Eric Christenson, President of Vendor Management […]