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  • CHRO of the Year Award HR Innovation

    This year’s CHRO of the Year Award finalists are being recognized for redefining human capital management.

    By Marta Chmielowicz

    In today’s competitive business world, talent has the potential to be the greatest strength of an organization and one of its most powerful sources of competitive advantage. But developing a top talent pool requires more than just a good recruitment strategy: culture, technology, data insights, benefits, learning, engagement, and more are emerging as top considerations. Chief HR officers are responsible for managing all of these elements of the talent strategy while delivering business results.

  • Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Tapping into Talent

    The pressure on TA leaders to drive success is greater than ever before. See how this year’s award finalists are getting ahead with innovative initiatives.

    By Taylor Thompson

    With SHRM reporting that 83 percent of HR professionals have faced challenges recruiting the right job candidates in the past year, it comes as no surprise that organizations are restructuring their talent acquisition departments with the hopes of seeing positive change. Gone are the days of job applicants working to gain the attention of potential employers. Instead, that focus has shifted onto the organizations themselves as HR and talent acquisition leaders drive initiatives to help them stand out among the crowd in a competitive job market.

  • Developing Millennials Next Generation of Leaders

    Empower millennials with development programs that are suited to their strengths.

    By Cheryl Allen

    There is great value in using generational research to effectively inform people practices. The current workforce makeup of baby boomers, Generation X, millennials, and Generation Z is likely one of the most diversified in history. Each generation is equipped with skills and knowledge based upon the environment they grew up in, and organizations are searching for them in the current competitive business environment.

  • Millennial Employees The Future is Bright

    Recent research finds that millennial and Generation Z leaders are changing the world of work—for the better.

    By Zoe Harte

    Millennials and their younger Generation Z counterparts frequently face criticism over their commitment to the workforce and are often labeled as lazy and entitled and described as “snowflakes.” Yet these younger generations are poised to change the future of work. As these digital natives become the dominant generation in the workforce, they are quickly squashing these misconceptions and bringing their positive influences to build their vision of a new work paradigm.

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HRO Today Global Current Issue

  • Seeking Soft Skills

    With the ability to train hard skills, some organisations are looking for hires that align to values and culture instead.

    By Simon Kent

    Skill shortages abound across many sectors of EMEA business. Problem areas are no longer confined to specialist roles or niche industries. Employers everywhere are facing a candidate-driven market where competition for talent is already high and increasing. In the face of this, employers are now looking to secure employees with good soft skills with the intention of bringing their technical skills up to speed once in place. In fact, LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talent Trends report found that 92 per cent of U.K. businesses report that soft skills are now as important or more important than hard skills.

  • Brexit Overcoming Uncertainty

    Strategies to remain compliant as Brexit becomes a reality.

    By Simon Kent

    To say European businesses having been operating in a time of uncertainty could qualify as the understatement of the year. From the moment the U.K. voted to leave the EU to just before Brexit is meant to take place, there have been huge questions raised concerning the right of employees to work across countries within the EU and beyond. Frustratingly for everyone, answers have been few and far between, leaving organisations to speculate on what they might need to do to secure and manage their international workforces. Some are even faced with the prospect of having to prepare for every eventuality.

  • HRO Today 2019 Global Resource Guide

    A roundup of the top providers and product vendors across 13 sectors of HR services.

    By The Editors

    The HR industry is experiencing a transformation. Faced with new technologies and shifting employee expectations, organisations are looking beyond the functional role of HR and developing strategies to increase its impact on business performance and growth.

  • Diversity Eye on Diversity

    Four organisations share their journeys to a more inclusive workforce.

    By Simon Kent

    Make no mistake, creating and maintaining a diverse workforce is both a business imperative and a huge challenge for today’s employers. Researching the subject back in 2012, McKinsey found companies ranking in the top quartile of executive-board diversity experienced 53 per cent higher returns on equity, on average, than those in the bottom quartile. Forbes has also identified diversity as a key to innovation, claiming “diversity is no longer simply a matter of creating a heterogeneous workforce, but using that workforce to innovate and give it a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

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HRO Today Research & Best Practices

  • Flash Report: Practices & Challenges in Total Talent Management

    In this flash report, we take a look at how organizations manage their contingent workforce and how well these practices combine with their Total Talent Management (TTM) model. The Total Talent Management model integrates the full spectrum of workers, from permanent employees to temporary workers, independent contractors, and freelancers.   The workforce continues to evolve and […]

  • Global Unemployment Report: Q4 2018

    In the fourth quarter of 2018, 21 of the 49 countries analyzed in this report announced decreases in national unemployment rates since the third quarter. Of the remaining countries, 14 reported increases, while 15 were unchanged. Though 2018 was a generally positive year, there was weakened economic growth in the fourth quarter due to trade tensions remaining […]

  • HRO Today Research The Latest HR Research

    A look at the top findings from our recent studies.

    By Larry Basinait

    Industry research is core to human capital management and decision-making. That is why the HRO Today research team takes a deep dive into the topics impacting the lives of HR leaders. Here, we share some of the top findings.

  • Worker Confidence Index: 2018 Annual Report

    Since 2014, HRO Today Magazine and Yoh Recruitment Process Outsourcing have collaborated to produce the Worker Confidence Index: a series of quarterly reports that measures employment security in the U.S. from the perspective of employees. This annual report analyzes 2018 data and examines what forces contributed to the results. The Worker Confidence Index was 107.1 […]

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HRO Today White Papers

  • Whitepaper: Three Workforce Solutions to Reduce Costs of Contingent Healthcare Staffing

    How can healthcare executives manage staffing shortages, rising regulatory pressures, and increased marketplace competition? A critical part of the solution to workforce budgeting challenges is optimizing contingent staff to reduce costs, make spending more predictable, relieve management pressures, and improve patient care. In response to the increased utilization of contingent practitioners throughout the healthcare industry, […]

  • Employee Screening The Five W’s: Analyzing The Benefits and Advantages of Employee Screening

    Competition to find the best applicants is at an all-time high, and competitors are fighting to find applicants to help their company grow and set them apart. A comprehensive background screening program can be used to strengthen a company in its specific industry and increase efficiencies in the hiring process. Your company’s future relies on […]

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